don't take our word for it...take all of theirs!


"This guy is simply good at what he does - he knows how to make you feel relaxed, and actually changed my entire perception of head shots for the better. Braden really enjoys the process, and is a true artist. He is an actor as well, which gives him compassion and understanding since he knows what it's like to be in front of the camera. This erased any nerves and made the session very productive. The actual business transaction at the end was a formality. What I had gained from the experience was invaluable. There are so many head shot photographers in Los Angeles. I looked and they are everywhere. Save yourself the time. I'm not writing this just to write this. Sometimes you just meet people who are good at what they do, who have a good head on their shoulders...Braden Moran is one of those people. Not only that, but he comes at a price you can't beat. I don't know what else you could ask for...personally it was a transforming experience.  I'll always come back when I need updates, and recommend him whenever possible.  Not only did I get an amazing product, but I got refocused and remembered why I started acting in the first place. I can't thank him enough for that intangible thing."

  ~ Ryan Emslie

L.A. Actor


"I'm going to recommend BRADEN MORAN PHOTOGRAPHY. An Actors photographer. Originally from Chicago and works all over the place in L.A.. Incredibly masculine and caring photographer. Really captures actors and actresses by grasping a sense of their soul - not just their surface level looks. He's great!"

 ~ Carmen Aiello

Manager - ICONOBLAST  (L.A.)


"You get what you pay for when it comes to headshots and Braden Moran is worth every penny."

~ Erick Esteban

L.A./Chicago Actor


"I really have to thank you for the best picture I've ever had taken of me."

~ Gary Zuckerbrod

L.A. Casting Director - (PULP FICTION)


"Thanks again for today. The shots look awAWawesome. I have never been this happy with my headshots before!  AND - My agent said my headshots were some of the best she has seen!"

~ Jayme Wojciechowski

Chicago Actor

Represented by Kimberly Katz Talent


"I got my first audition and call back from your headshots!"

~  Paul K
Chicago Actor


"MY HEADSHOTS ARE AWESOME! I absolutely love them! They turned out amazing - and I love the eyes!! I had SO MUCH FUN. There are so many great shots to choose from! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I would love to shoot with you again in the future. You rock!"

~ Anne Adams

Chicago Actor


"I was at callbacks for a major Chicago theatre yesterday and the artistic director and casting director were singing my headshot MAJOR praises. They actually have it on the wall in casting as "the headshot of the month", which it has been for several months!! I did not hesitate to tell them you took it. Many thanks again!"

~ Demetrios Troy

Chicago Actor

Represented by Stewart Talent


"Every audition I go on they compliment me on my headshot and want to know who did them! I finally LOVE my headshot and it's so nice to feel like that! Thanks for the great work, Braden! I really appreciate it! "

~Elizabeth Antonucci

Chicago Actor


"I just did a mailing to all the agents with my shots, and I've already heard back from one and have a 'new talent' audition next week!  Thank you.  I really appreciate it!"

~ Lon Withers

Chicago Actor 


"I recently moved to L.A. from Chicago and did a mass mailing with no response.  I then got new headshots from Braden and re-submitted and THAT AFTERNOON was offered an audition for the Adult Swim comedy CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL! Thanks, Braden!"

~ Jay Whittaker

L.A. Actor


"I want to thank you most sincerely for everything during and leading up to today's shoot: Being willing to work within my budget, phone and email consultations, being so easy to work with throughout the entire process, making me feel so at ease, sharing your incredible photography talent with me, and being a genuinely awesome person with great musical taste! :) I had such a great time this morning that I am still glowing! Thank you for going above and beyond and giving me time to play at the end, which was my absolute favorite. So. Much. Fun. Your excitement is contagious. I feel like the confidence and joy from today is going to positively effect my career even before I get my new shots :) I plan to sing your praises high and low!  I had NO idea a headshot session could be such a blast!! Thank you!! You're simply amazing!!"                                           

~ Nicole Goeden Ubbelohde

Chicago Actor


"Braden is a triple threat: a talented photographer who will give you a MULTITUDE of "perfect shots;" a gracious human being with whom you feel instantly comfortable and fully yourself; and an organized businessman who will be there for you until you are completely satisfied. It was a pleasure to work with him from beginning to end!"

~Felicia Bertch

Chicago Actor


"I LOVE my photos from Braden Moran Photography. Braden was amazing to work with and literally risked his life to capture the perfect shot...twice. Nuff said."

~Colleen Brooks

Opera Singer


"My shoot could not have gone better. I truly couldn't be more pleased with these shots! I highly recommend Braden Moran Photography. There's so much more to being a great headshot photographer than just knowing how to bounce light. Braden is truly kind, and he's by nature the type of person who cares about and engages a person's true self - so the true self is what shows up in his photos. He's also an actor, so he understands a lot - from his own experience - that other headshot photographers in town just don't."

~ Maura Kidwell

Chicago Actor

Represented by Gray Talent


"These are far and away the best headshots I've ever had.  Welcome to being my photographer for life!" 

~ Kevin Rich

Actor & Artistic Director of Illinois Shakespeare Festival


"Thank you for making the retouched image I ordered look so natural...I showed the original and the retouch to my husband side-by-side and he didn't realize it was a retouched image...he thought they were just two different shots!"

~ Nicole Goeden Ubbelohde

Chicago Actor


"Thank God we had a session together! I appreciated that you checked in frequently and let me see the way the shots were coming along.  I loved that you had a vision of how you wanted to use the space and me in it. We were constantly adjusting and moving to make the photos interesting – that was extremely helpful in our shoot and the result is a bunch of pictures that don't look exactly the same.  Our session left me wondering how other photographers I’ve worked with could possibly think a successful shoot can be achieved with absolutely no direction and no location changes!  Bottom line, I look more like myself in your shots, I had a great time during our shoot, really appreciated your consideration and artistic vision and think you've got a great thing going!"

~ Casey Cunningham

Chicago Actor

"Thanks so much for hooking Black Box up with the hottest headshots in town. I love the students' shots - and I love mine even more. Thank you!!!"

~ Audrey Francis

Chicago Actor & Black Box Acting Studio Co-Founder
Represented by Stewart Talent


"Braden knows how strange it can be to have a camera in your face, no matter how seasoned an actor you are.  He puts you at ease, reminds you to breathe, and it shows in the results: genuine, relaxed, truly personal shots.  The only problem was choosing the best one, I ended up with so many great options, it was really hard to decide on just a couple to print!"

~ Scott T. Barsotti

Chicago Actor


"I just got new shots taken with Braden and they are the best headshots I've ever had. He is an absolute dream and a really nice guy. They look absolutely gorgeous and I am thrilled beyond belief. Call him to reserve a spot!"

~ Kelly O'Sullivan

L.A. & Chicago Actor

Represented by Stewart Talent


"I absolutely love my headshots that I took with Braden! Headshots can be such a scary, intimidating thing for an actor - but he kept me relaxed, and we had so much fun. I really feel like I finally have headshots that LOOK like me. My agents were thrilled with them, and had such a hard time choosing finalists because they were all so great. They were VERY pleased, and thought the work was fantastic! Braden's kindness, knowledge, and talent shines through his work. I would recommend him to anyone. I am so, so happy with my shots! Thank you so much!!!"

~ Natalie Burtney

L.A. Actor


“I can't thank you enough for your time and energy today. I just went through the photos and there are so many great shots to choose from - I just can't thank you enough!”

~ Crystal Jadczak
Jazz Singer

"Thank you, thank you,  thank you Braden!!  I will for sure be recommending you to my LA and Chicago friends - I've already been talking up a storm about how fantastic our session was!"

~ Charlotte Mae Ellison
Chicago Actor

"Braden is absolutely the nicest guy, great to work with, and has incredibly reasonable prices. Highly recommended!" 

~ Elizabeth Murphy
Chicago Actor & Black Box Acting Studio Instructor


"I loved working with Braden. His laid back yet direct attitude was both very professional but also made me feel as though we were instantly friends, which relaxed me during the shoot. I trusted his opinion immediately. Braden knows what casting directors want, and can give it to them without hurting his subjects wallet. His signature use of natural light makes for amazing pictures. I've recommended him to friends and will continue to do so for as long as he's taking pictures!"

~ Cara Olansky
Chicago Actor


"I am so excited that I got to shoot with you, it was an absolute pleasure and you are completely fabulous!"

~ Sasha Gioppo
Chicago Actor
Represented by Aria Talent


"Had the most amazing photo session today with Braden Moran. HE IS AMAZING!!!  Hey friends - if you need new headshots go see him!!  I have worked with A LOT of photographers and he is BY FAR THE BEST I have ever had the pleasure of working with. And his prices are by far the most reasonable you will find. I have priced dozens of photographers and he beats them all!  Book him while you can!!! He is based in LA but is from the WI area. So he comes back on occasion and does AMAZING work!!!! Seriously, people. He's a rockstar. You will love him and his work. My headshots will be up here on Facebook as soon as I can narrow down my favorites to a reasonable selection. There are so many good ones. Thanks again Braden! I am recommending you to EVERYONE I know who is looking for new headshots."

~ Jocelyn Dawson


"Braden has a gift to make one feel comfortable, beautiful and uniquely at ease. It is about the shot just as much as it is about who you are in that moment."

~ Morgan McNaught
Chicago Actor


"It was great working with Braden and I would wholeheartedly recommend him.  He completely sets you at ease, so you can look your best.  It was nice that he showed me shots as we went along for immediate feedback and adjustments.  His eye for detail allowed him to compose the best picture possible that focused on you, whether that was through suggesting you smooth the wrinkles in your top or moving distracting items from the background.  He suggested a variety of backgrounds and positions to keep things fresh.  I had so many great shots it was difficult to narrow down, but better to have that choice than the alternative.  Thanks, Braden!"

~ Pat Moy
Chicago Actor


"Thank you for making an anticipated long, boring, painful shoot into a pleasurable experience filled with laughter & knowledge.  You were great.  Your personable touch & passion for what you do allow people to open up so you can shoot that "perfect" shot.  Thanks for all the information.  I'm glad we met and had the opportunity to work together."

~ Kelly Crosby
Chicago Actor


"I recently started my very own small business selling handmade jewelry.  It became very clear to me that I needed  photos of my pieces and that's when Braden Moran came into my life...and I am super lucky to have found him!  The pictures looked so great!  Because of his photos, I am now in 3 boutiques in Southern California as well as flooded with orders!  I HIGHLY recommend Braden Moran Photography, especially if you want unique, creative and truly amazing photos......thank you, Braden!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

~ Alissa Bailey
Owner, ab+ designs


"I have one thing to say about my experience with Braden Moran Photography: It exceeded my expectations every step of the way!  Holy crap. How the heck did we do all that?!?!  I'm a little overwhelmed with the amazingness of the past 2 days of shooting!"

~ Sara Fenton

"I recently had new headshots done by Braden Moran.  He made me feel so at ease, referred me to a fantastic stylist who was also present for the shoot, and I am thrilled with the results! I recommend him 500%. He’ll take great care of you throughout the entire process, and his rates are incredibly reasonable. Thank you, Braden!"

~ Lisa Golda
Actor/Opera Singer/Teacher